If someone were to describe me, I hope they would say I'm


My background as an attorney and professional experience have developed into an appreciation of what is truly required to accomplish a set of objectives and how to implement the strategies to accomplish those objectives.  I believe that litigation under most circumstances can and should be avoided.  At times, however, litigation is the first and only choice available and under those circumstances choosing the right litigator is essential.  At other times, however, litigation is the choice of last resort, and a rush to the courthouse could prove extremely detrimental to one’s position, legally and financially.   My experience allows me to navigate the world of business, real estate, and estate planning with the seasoned ability to focus on the crucial issues for my clients.


As your legal counsel, I can only be effective if I have the same determination to succeed as you. I am determined to understand your goals and work closely with you to learn your dreams and aspirations.  I operate a personal and attentive office, that enables us to address your legal needs at a granular level now and in the future, while never losing sight of the overall goals and objectives.  When you retain me, I commit to your success.  You should expect nothing less.


If you choose me as your attorney, I will be dedicated to you from an advocacy perspective, from a preventative law perspective, and from a personal perspective. I take prudent and comprehensive steps at the outset of any estate plan, business deal or real estate transaction to avoid future litigation where possible, to place contingencies should any conflicts arise, and to proactively meet my clients present and future needs.  The law often requires scalpel-like precision while at other times requiring a hammer. I understand the intricacies of each method and recognize when either option will be useful or counterproductive.