Palm Springs Business Attorney

I have extensive experience in advising individuals and businesses on all issues that may arise during the formation of a business and that may develop during the business' life cycle and possible sale or dissolution.

My experience includes:

General Business Law 

Business Torts

Breach of Contract

Unfair and Trade Practices

Construction Law

Insurance Issues

Trademark Registration

Trademark Infringement



Professional Corporations

Limited Partnerships

Limited Liability Companies

Buy/Sell Agreements

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder Disputes

Business Formation

There are many considerations in selecting the appropriate business entity, such as ownership, governance, capitalization, taxation and liability. I listen to your plans and objectives, and help you weigh the pros and cons of your various options, which include:

sole proprietorship

general partnership

limited partnership

limited liability company


professional corporation.  

I prepare everything you need including the bylaws, organizational document, shareholder or buy-sell agreements, and will even advise how your new venture fits in with your estate plan.  I work closely with your tax professional in the selection of your business entity.

As a Business Lawyer, though some may prefer Business Attorney or use the phrase corporate attorney, I am dedicated to helping you succeed in your existing business or new venture.