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About Matthew

I have lived in Palm Springs now since 2005 and consider it home. I often threaten on a hot summer day to move to the mountains of Mammoth, but then October comes and I remember why I live here. Plus, having spent 23 years in the snow belt of the United States, I dread the day when I will ever have to pick up another snow shovel, though I still like to winter camp and hike in the local mountains. I have made many wonderful friends here and have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest people I know.

I am a simple, practical, call it as I see kind of guy. I believe in solving problems, not creating them; and in working together, rather than tearing asunder. Yes, there are times when we must quarrel, but that does not mean we have to be disrespectful or uncivil. This is a small town, and quite frankly a small planet, and karma tells me to generally play it cool and let calmer minds prevail.  I always ask myself how to best advance my client's interests.  

If you need a business attorney, real estate attorney, or need help with probate or trust administration, please give me a call, I would be glad to see if I can be of any help.  Hopefully you are not involved in litigation, but if you are, I am an experienced litigation attorney in multiple practice areas.  I would be honored to represent you.

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My background as an attorney and professional experience have developed into an appreciation of what is truly required to accomplish a set of objectives and how to implement the strategies to accomplish those objectives. There are times when litigation is the first and only choice available while at other times litigation is the choice of last resort, and a rush to the courthouse could prove detrimental. real estate attorney Palm Springs



The practice of law is a noble profession rich in history and steeped in tradition.  Common sense, reason, and practicality are virtues that are oftentimes over looked, but go a long way in trying to resolve disputes and negotiate deals.  I am determined to understand your goals and work closely with you.  I operate a personal and attentive office, that enables us to address your legal needs now and in the future, while never losing sight of the overall goals and objectives.  When you retain me, I commit to your success. attorney real estate attorney Palm Springs



I have worked in various jobs and industries, starting with my first job at 14 washing dishes at a restaurant, to working as a commercial real estate appraiser, to working in the defense industry as an analyst for cutting edge technologies. As an attorney I have represented clients in everything from a dog bite case up to federal litigation of a major trademark infringement case, and practically everything in between. real estate attorney Palm Springs

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