not all solutions are created equal

In my transactional practice, I draw on my 15 years of legal experience in many disciplines along with my prior professional experience, to develop proactive solutions for clients. By examining the past and present, I help the client identify potential future issues so that we can plan now, rather than merely respond later.  Preventive law is both more efficient and effective, as well as more responsible.  Short-term objectives and problems are folded into long-term planning.  This is simply applying the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure to the practice of law.  I simply expand the horizon of possibilities to include special planning for the clients’ unique circumstances.  This is true across the spectrum of my practice, including business formation, business life-cycle management, business transactions, real estate transactions, and estate planning.

The same plays true in my litigation practice.  You will hear many attorneys talk about their love of litigation.  Quite frankly, I hate litigation because it is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining on the client, me, and the court system.  It is oftentimes inefficient, ineffective, imprudent, and impulsive.  I do not avoid litigation for the sake of avoiding litigation.  Instead, I avoid litigation when it is not in the best interests of the client, the case, the objectives, and will, at the end of the day, likely place my client in a worse position than where they began.

My experience in litigation consistently tells me to pick my battles wisely and not make litigation choice number one.  Then again, sometimes we have no choice.  We either must file a lawsuit in order to accomplish an objective, or my client has been named as a defendant, or our efforts at mediation and negotiation have failed. Under these circumstances, I have extensive experience in litigating cases throughout Riverside, San Diego, Orange, Imperial, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. I presently, however, only take litigation matters in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Imperial Counties.  I work closely with my clients in litigated matters to set realistic expectations.

focused on the solution

My duty to you as your attorney is to help you find the most practical, cost effective, and efficient solution to whatever legal situation you present, that accounts for your level risk aversion, and is informed by the positive and negative potential consequences of any particular path. The solution is a process, not an event.